Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year log

Good party going on the airwaves, plenty of free radio to celebrate!

6803.0kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1633UTC, AM, 45534, Pink Panther playing nice pops! :-) ABBA “Happy New Year” and closing down at 1704UTC. 31.12.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1640UTC, AM, 45545, Watch Out for the Skin Deep, Pinball Wizard. Good signal! 31.12.2014

6284.0kHz: Radio Underground, 1655UTC, AM, 35533, ID at 1656UTC, HNY greetings, phonenro at 1657UTC, Love Action; nice show as usual! 31.12.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Borderhunter, 1729UTC, AM, 45534, ID and HNY at 1733UTC and 1736. Nice dance beat follows! :-) 31.12.2014

Happy New Year 2015 everybody! :-)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Soul music Saturday

Bumpy conditions continue on shortwaves... Some nice Pirates heard though!

3905.0kHz: Radio Underground, 1825UTC, AM, 44523, ID and greetings at 1825UTC. Good signal S9, but fading down to S5. Still weak conditions on shortwaves, at least to southern Finland. 27.12.2014

3930.0kHz: Unid, 1842UTC, AM, 34522, Everybody Want's to Rule the World. 27.12.2014

6205.0kHz: Unid, 1845UTC, LSB, 35533, Playing super soul and disco music! Can You Feel the Force! Knock on Wood! Good Times! I Want Your Love! Le Freak! My Forbidden Lover! Many of my favourite Disco classics! 8-) Enjoyed listening well over an hour; ID would have been nice... 27.12.2014

Friday, 26 December 2014

Short Christmas log

Surprisingly weak conditions on Shortwaves this evening and only few stations heard. Better luck next time!

6295.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1733UTC, AM, 35533, Playing nice traditional music and oldies. 26.12.2014

6239.0kHz: Radio Marabu, 1743UTC, AM, 45533, Bee Gees You Win Again. 26.12.2014

3950.0kHz: SDXF Sala, 1800UTC, AM, 41431, Strong, but with Korean(?) BC on same frequency. 26.12.2014

Merry Christmas everyone! :-)

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Saturday evening fade-fest

Even bigger "waves" than yesterday, lifting the signals up and pushing them down to the bottom... Fortunately still some strong Pirate signals make their way into receiving antennas! :-)

6925.0kHz: Mustang Radio, 1720UTC, AM, 54445, ID at 1720UTC, A Walk in the Park, Tainted Love, Don't Bring Me Down, ID at 1727UTC, cd at 1729UTC. Strong signal, as usual! :-) 15.11.2014

6306.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1731UTC, AM, 44434, Running With the Devil (great song!), ID and email address at 1748UTC, very nice show again! :-) 15.11.2014

6747.0kHz: Unid, 1745UTC, AM, 54445, Strong signal, but closed down... 15.11.2014

6325.0kHz: Unid, 1814UTC, AM, 45423, Very deep fading, otherwise nice signal. Playing dutch songs. Testing microphone at 1820UTC. CD at 1828UTC 15.11.2014

6295.0kHz, Ronex Radio, 1830UTC, AM, 35433, Ronex testing with nice music and many greetings! Deep fading seems to trouble most stations this evening... :-/ 15.11.2014

Thank you for great Saturday entertainment!!!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday's logged stations

Slightly bumpy conditions on shortwaves, but the following stations were well received this Friday!

3960.0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1647UTC, AM, 54445, Old Finnish evergreens. 14.11.2014

6380.0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1658UTC, AM, 45545, Seasons in the Sun, the Girl is Mine, Never Gonna Give You Up, Blue Hotel, Let the Music Play... Many nice classics! :-) ID at 1732UTC. Domino Dancing spiced with many greetings! 14.11.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Twentana, 1702UTC, AM, 55445, Playing oldies, ID at 1717UTC. 14.11.2014

6285.0kHz: Unid, 1740UTC, AM, 35433, Playing great British pops!!! ID “Laser Hot Hits”, but not on Laser's announced frequency... 14.11.2014

6380.0kHz: Radio Zeewolf, 1809UTC, AM, 45424, Causing a Commotion, Get Into the Groove, Respect Yourself. Lots of Madonna! Good signal with very nice audio! :-) Deep fading on the band. ID at 1821UTC. And thanks for the greetings! :-) 14.11.2014

Thank you for the great shows!!! :-)

Thursday, 13 November 2014

QSL from Mustang Radio

Special thanks for Mustang Radio for this super-nice QSL-card! Always room for new Mustangs... :-)

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

QSL from Pink Panther Radio

Always a great pleasure to receive QSLs from Pink Panther Radio, as they are very nice. Just like the Pink Panther radio show itself! :-)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Short Sunday Log

Busy weekend, but better late than never... The following Pirates were heard in southern Finland on Sunday evening:

6295,0kHz: Unid, 1809UTC, AM, 53444, 'Moments of' from Texas, said announcement? No idea what this was... :-0  9.11.2014

6306,0kHz: Radio Joey, 1811UTC, AM, 55445, Playing nice dutch popular music, ID at 1821UTC. Nice signal! 9.11.2014

6380,0kHz: Radio Horsepower, 1818UTC, AM, 44444, Short medley of dance hits, then lots of ABBA: Mamma Mia, Fernando, Money Money Money. Playing nice "folksy" music. ID at 1843UTC, but missed it, and said closing down. ID "Paadekracht" repeated 1851UTC. 9.11.2014

6265,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 24422, Periodical utility-QRM. I can hear music, but unfortunately too silent/fading signal for an ID. 9.11.2014

A nice ending for this weekend! :-)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

QSL from Radio Universe

Thank you for the special cool space style QSL Radio Universe! :-)

I like those vinyls!!!


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Saturday Pirate Partytime Log

Enjoying the Saturday evening with fine Pirate stations surfing out from the speakers and modulating the brainwaves! :-)

6850.0kHz: Radio Tidal Wave, 1657UTC, AM, 53545, Belinda Carlisle: Leave a Light On for Me, Police: De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, Simple Minds, Alive and Kicking, ID at 1721UTC, Roxette: a Little Bit Dangerous, Seal: We Are Little Crazy. Good signal, gooood music!!! :-) 01.11.2014

6285.0kHz: Unid, 1713UTC, AM, 45444, Closed down at 1715UTC, no ID :-/ 01.11.2014

6925.0kHz: Mustang Radio, 1745UTC, AM, 55545, Starting with gooood signal and nonstop music... Dance beat! :-) Going to coffee break... Great show again! :-) Closed down at 1819UTC. Thanks Mustang! :-) 01.11.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Joey, 1830UTC, AM, 45544, George Michael: Never Gonna Dance Again, Paul Hardcastle: 19 and lots of other nice hits on Radio Joey! :-) 01.11.2014

6995.0kHz: BSRadio-Finland, 1845UTC, LSB, 35444, Music, but I do not recognize the songs. 01.11.2014

6325.0kHz: Radio Python, 1858UTC, USB, 35444, Very nice audio for USB. 01.11.2014

As usual, thank you Pirates for the best entertainment on the air! :-)

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Weekday log

It's nice to have radio gear available for listening also during weekdays! Here are some Pirates (and Radio Gramox) I heard navigating the airwaves earlier this week:

6305,0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1808UTC, AM, 45534, Playing nice dutch music. ID and closing down at 1815UTC, Monday 27.10.2014

3960,0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1820UTC, AM, 53353, Playing evergreens. Heavy QRM from BC station on 3965kHz.    Monday 27.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1807UTC, AM, 54545, Big signal!! Playing nice dutch songs. Closed down at 1823UTC, with no ID. Tuesday    28.10.2014

6295,0kHz: Unid, 1803UTC, AM, 44544, Playing dutch oldies. Slightly disturbing carrier on 6296kHz. The Bee Gees: Massachusetts. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1809UTC, AM, 44544, German popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6747,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 54545, ID at 1826UTC, but missed it. Plays popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1952UTC, AM, 33433, Good music nonstop!!! :-) Here Comes the Sun, the Sound of Silence, Suspicious Minds, Feel the Need In Me, Listen To the Music. No ID. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6290,0kHz: Odynn Radio, 1845UTC, AM, 35433, Pop music, ID and phone number at 1849UTC. Thursday    30.10.2014

6302,0kHz: Unid, 1852UTC, AM, 45434, Playing dutch songs. Thursday 30.10.2014

Now looking forward to the weekend! :-)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

QSL from Radio Montferland

A really great looking QSL card from Radio Montferland! 8-)

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing your show soon again!!!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sunday log

Got my remote system up and running, so now I can enjoy listening to free radio stations also when I am not at my radio! :-) Plenty of cool Pirate stations on the air this Sunday:

6286,0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1810UTC, AM, 55545, Black is Black, We Love the Pirate Stations, ID at 1814UTC, Wooly Bully. 26.10.2014

6205,0kHz: Magic 6205, 1818UTC, AM, 55545, Now coming OK after the german station on the same frequency closed down. 26.10.2014

6328,0kHz: Unid, 1820UTC, AM, 53545, Whiter Shade of Pale. UTE periodically on 6330kHz, Aloha Oe in German, Black is Black, Bring It On Home to Me. 26.10.2014

6305,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 54544, Born to be Wild, Keep on Rocking Me Baby, House of the Rising Sun. 26.10.2014

6950,0kHz: Unid, 1842UTC, AM, 34433, Blinded by the Light. Sounds like Magic 6205 but not sure. 26.10.2014

6915,0kHz: Premier Radio International, 1844UTC, AM, 55434, Get Out of My Dreams Get Into My Car, ID at 1848UTC, Power of Love, Pop Muzik (great classic!!! 8-), I've Been Thinking About You. 26.10.2014

6306,0kHz: Radio Joey, 1908UTC, AM, 35533, More Than a Feeling, Land Down Under, ID at 1913UTC. 26.10.2014

1670,0kHz: Unid, 1917UTC, AM, 25533, Fernando, Barracuda. Maybe a bit low on audio? 26.10.2014

Pirate radio; the best radio shows around!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flaring Saturday

High waves this fine Saturday evening..., blockbuster signal at one moment, almost gone at the other. But great shows on the air nevertheless!

6306.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1650UTC, AM, 54545, ID at 1655 UTC, many nice greetings, great signal!!! 25.10.2014

6286.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1700UTC, AM, 45545, I Fought the Law and Law Won, Spirit in the Sky ID and greetings at 1704UTC, Rock Island Line, Rider's on the Storm... This is THE show this eveningl!!! 8-) 25.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1705UTC, AM, 45534, Playing smooth music this time; must come back later... 25.10.2014

3927.0kHz: Unid, 1740UTC, AM, 45534, Closed down at 1742UTC, no ID :-/ 25.10.2014

3905.0kHz: Unid, 1802UTC, AM, 25522, You Give Love a Bad Name. And maybe solar flare attenuates the signal? 25.10.2014

3912.0kHz: Unid, 1823UTC, AM, 44433, Nice old dutch music! :-) But funny fluttery signal! :-0 The sun must be playing tricks on the bands... No ID during this time. 25.10.2014

6286.0kHz: Radio Experience, 1833UTC, AM, 35423, Look Who's Talking Now, ID at 1834UTC, deep fading in an otherwise fine signal, Ride in the Night, ID at 1841UTC. The best dance station this evening!!! 8-) 25.10.2014

Never mind the flares, free radio rules!!! 8-)

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Weeekeeend!!!

Great band conditions, great Pirate Stations, great Music... It's already cold and dark outside, but inside the temperature is rising and the glitterball is overspeeding!

15510.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1635UTC, AM, 45535, QSY from 15515kHz to here at 1636UTC. Less QRM here than on 15515kHz (stronger stn at 15520kHz). Miami Sound Machine, ID “Magic” at 1639UTC, We Close Our Eyes, Great start for the weeekeeeend! :-) Better propagation to Finland at this frequency than 6205kHz (33534) at the moment, maybe goes vice versa later in the evening? 24.10.2014

3960.0kHz, Radio Gramox, 1709UTC, AM, 43544, Old evergreens on the playlist as usual: “Johnny Remember Me” in Finnish! ID and facebook intro at 1712UTC. 24.10.2014

6380.0kHz: Radio Universe, 1715UTC, AM, 45544, Queen with Radio Gaga, ID and email at 1719UTC and the show continues with Level 42, Lessons in Love. Great weekend party music! :-) 24.10.2014

6305.0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1722UTC, AM, 33533, Playing Elvis: In the Ghetto, continues with other nice mellow songs, Going Back to Arizona(?), Village People with YMCA! ID and email at 1747UTC. Many greetings to listeners. Very nice mood in this fine radio show! :-) 24.10.2014

6282.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1735UTC, AM, 55545, ID and greetings at 1735UTC. Nice dutch songs! A song dedicated Veriori in Sweden, That's Amore. Perfect signal: strong with very clear audio! :-) But email report bounced, mailbox not available... :-/ 24.10.2014

6300.0kHz: Johnny Tobacco, 1817UTC, AM, 55545, Playing polkas!!! :-) Very nice! ID at 1818UTC  Sounds a bit like maybe the DeeJay has a cold??? Playing Jope Ruonansuu: “Skoda”, unbeliveable! =:-D Great show!!! 24.10.2014

6325.0kHz: Radio Sextant, 1840UTC, AM, 45545, I fought the Law and Law Won, In the Year 2525, White Rabbit. Fantastic music!!! 8-) 24.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1857UTC, AM, 45535, Nice dance beat on Magic again! ID and news at 1900UTC. 24.10.2014

Thank you free radio Pirates!!! (and Magic and Gramox ;-)

Friday, 10 October 2014

High fly Friday

Great autumn conditions on the shortwaves with the band almost full of Free Radio!

6803.0kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1730UTC, AM, 44545, ID followed by Pointer Sisters' Neutron Dance. ID and nice intro at 1735UTC. What a great way to start the Weekend!!! :-) I Never Can Say Goodbye, Never Gonna Give You Up. ID at 1800UTC. 10.10.2014

6320.0kHz: Radio Zodiac, 1739UTC, AM, 35444, Signal dropped out at 1740UTC but fortunately returned. I Can't Stand the Rain. ID at 1743UTC. 10.10.2014

6293.0kHz: Unid, 1749UTC, AM, 44445, Playing nice old German songs. 10.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1809UTC, AM, 44445, Playing “Pure Dance”!!! :-D More Than a Woman and some more recent beats. Airport. Email announced at about 1835UTC. Audio dropped out few times at 1841UTC-1842UTC. Came back with more great Dance Beat! It's partytime!!! :-) Nice jingle and announcement “Laser Hits Radio” at 1850UTC, followed by Big Fun. 10.10.2014

6325.0kHz: Numbers Station, 1817UTC, AM, 55445, Surely a nice Lady but pretty boring story unfortunately... She should become a pirate instead!!! 10.10.2014

The weekend is here with the great music shows!!!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shortwave Saturday music party

Good conditions again and plenty of great Pirate shows to make my party night! :-)

6220.0kHz: Unid, 1822UTC, AM, 53545, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, All Right Now, Burning Hearts, Black is Black. Great Music!!! :-) Utility station on same frequency but it gets only the second prize in contest of strongest signal No ID heard :-(    27.09.2014

6295.0kHz: Bogusman, 1842UTC, AM, 44434, Playing pop music. 27.09.2014

6205.0kHz: Tip & Elvis, 1847UTC, AM, 55535, Massive signal, nearly blows my speaker off it's hinges! Plays good rock music; partytime!!! :-) Crazy about a Mercury! Born to be Wild. Even Rammstein and Uriah Heep!!! :-D ID at 1911UTC. 27.09.2014

6395.0kHz: Unid, 1857UTC, AM, 33432, Plays classic heavy rock, jingle “non-stop music”. CW QRM coming from 6391kHz. 27.09.2014

Free radio rules!!! B-)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Fine propagation Friday

Smooth sailing on the shortwaves with summer static completely gone! Excellent conditions to enjoy the best of free radio! :-)

6305.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1637UTC, AM, 45534, ID 1640UTC. Sending greetings to listeners and those should be plentiful with such a strong signal! :-) Continues with Cliff Richard. 26.09.2014

6380.0kHz: Unid, 1733UTC, AM, 55535, Big signal! California Dreaming and continuing with more modern hits. No ID, could have been Mustang Radio. Closed down 1745UTC. 26.09.2014

6265.0kHz: Unid, 1750UTC, AM, 44534, Plays nice mellow music non-stop. No ID heard. 26.09.2014

6380.0kHz: Mustang Radio, 1845UTC, AM, 55555! Barroom Blitz, Good to be Loved. Signal like the transmitter would be next door! :-) Clapton's Layla. ID 1900UTC with lots of greetings. Good music and good show! Closed down 2012UTC. 26.09.2014

Thank you for the great music shows, Pirates!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Saturday Night Fever Logged

Airwaves bursting with PartyPirates! :-D Pure and genuine free radio fun!

6295.0kHz: Free Radio Victoria, 1750UTC, AM, 35344, Mike Oldfield, Guns n' Roses etc. quality stuff, as usual! Very nice to hear FRV on the airwaves again! 13.09.2014

4013.0kHz, Over60degradio, 1755UTC, AM, 42344, It's the Blues Radio!!! :-) 13.09.2014

6306.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1801UTC, AM, 55445, Country Music, wow!!! :-) Who Shot JR Ewing?! Street Electric Band. Beds are Burning at 1827UTC and Black Betty on at 1839UTC, I unable to move the radio dial!!! :-) Laa-laa-bamba! Great signal and great music! 13.09.2014

3960.0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1810UTC, AM, 55445, Old German music, great style like on 78rpm records! Real OLDSKOOL Saturday night fever! ;-) 13.09.2014

3905.0kHz: Radio Alice, 1855UTC, AM, 35343, Playing slow and mellow, nice music this Saturday.    13.09.2014

6400.0kHz: Over60degradio, 1910UTC, LSB, 45445, Great blues music again! Mannish Boy and others follow... Microphone test at 1917UTC 13.09.2014

6325.0kHz: Crazy Wave Radio, 1920UTC, AM, 43344, All Right Now! I Want it All! Party on like a steamroller! :-D Bad Moon Rising! Great DJ work! 13.09.2014

11401.0kHz: Radio Waves International, 1939UTC, AM, 45554, ID at 1940UTC. Playing mellow and nice french vocalists. New ID at 1943UTC, the Terrible Twins. 13.09.2014

11127.0kHz: Eldorado, 1945UTC, USB, 25433, Eldorado testing with the Kinks.    13.09.2014

Music sounds BEST on shortwaves!!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday night short log

Not so many Pirates sailing on the airwaves this Friday night, or was the CME/ Aurora playing tricks on my ears? A short log here nevertheless:

6286.0kHz: Unid, 1857UTC, AM, 45434, Donna Summer Feels Love. Good signal! Later the Supremes do not want to be kept hanging on. 10.09.2014

6397.0kHz: Unid, 1923UTC, AM, 34333, Talking Heads watching the days go by. A bit low on audio? Peter Gabriel uses his sledgehammer! 10.09.2014

Maybe more crowd tomorrow? :-)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Pirate party on Saturday night!

Earlier nightfall makes the difference and Pirates start sailing into my ears, woo-hoooo! :-D

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1815UTC, AM, 45544, ID at 1821UTC, nice music of various flavours. POLKA at 1915UTC! :-) Thank you Chris! 31.08.2014

3960kHz: Radio Gramox, 1843UTC, AM, 53355, Playing old german music (circa WWII) with a +20dB signal. Utility stn transmitting right above the frequency, so must listen with lower sideband only. Oh, and this is a Finnish station testing, not a Pirate. 31.08.2014

1655kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1853UTC, AM, 35543, Playing Scorpions: Still Loving You, Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love Is. Carrier coming in nicely, but a bit low on audio. 31.08.2014

1638kHz: Bluebird, 1858UTC, AM, 33543, Some polka on the air, good! :-) 31.08.2014

6401kHz: Unid, 1917UTC, AM, 25532, Boney M. with Rasputin, then Aqua with I'm a Barbie Girl. It's partytime!!! :-) Went out with a bang; CD at 1920UTC :'-( 31.08.2014

6397kHz: Unid, 1923UTC, AM, 23432, Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer, then ID at 1925UTC but too quiet and did not catch it. ACDC playing hard: Back in Black at 1936UTC. ID again at 1938UTC, but I still can not hear it, it's sooooo quiet whispering! ;-) But Black Betty I do surely hear after that!!! 8-) 31.08.2014

6925kHz: LittleFeat Radio, 1927UTC, AM, 35433, ID and greetings received 1930UTC :-) ID again at 1932UTC followed by Frankie Goes to Hollywood: When Two Tribes go to War. Good show! :-) 31.08.2014

6305kHz: Radio Underground International, 1939UTC, AM, 45444, Sweet Saturday evening soul music going on: Say I'm Your Number One! And an ID at 1941UTC, nice!!! Thanks for the greetings! :-) Playing the Cult next; great show going on!!! 31.08.2014

I'm all ears now! :-)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday statics

Much more noisy conditions on the bands than yesterday, but Pirate programs coming through!!!

6295kHz: Bogusman, 1850UTC, AM, 45343, Playing ambient-like(?) music. 2.8.2014

6950kHz: Radio Blackbeard, 1855UTC, AM, 35333, Nice disco/techno beat, but too much static crashes for enjoyable listening. 2.8.2014

6286kHz: Unid, 1911UTC, AM, 35333, Playing "The Ideal World", but unfortunately the band conditions are less than ideal. 2.8.2014

6925kHz: Over60degradio, 1905UTC, USB, 35343, World music party going on here! :-) "Artem World Music No.21" -announcement at 1922UTC. 2.8.2014

6380kHz: Unid, 1916UTC, AM, 45334, After a silent period, some nice country music on! But then, oh no: a pan-flute tune! :-0 Scary! I'm getting out of this frequency... 2.8.2014

3911kHz: BSRadio-Finland, 1935UTC, LSB, 35333, Playing song about Mary, then "BSR" morse ID at 1936UTC. Signal lost 1937UTC :-(  2.8.2014

6320kHz: Unid, 1941UTC, AM, 53334, Nice 80's music! :-) Strong signal but with utility QRM from 6315kHz. Status Quo on at 1951UTC. No ID heard. 2.8.2014

Thank you Pirates for the high-octane entertainment!!! :-)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Starting August with a short Friday log!

Took some time out from usual summer hobbies and turned on the radio instead... Amazingly good conditions with very little noise this evening and the Pirates are twisting the S-meter! :-)

6295kHz: Unid, 1914UTC, AM, 55445, Strong signal, dutch music. I did not stay around long enough for an ID… 1.8.2014

6200kHz: Radio Technical Man, 1940UTC, AM, 54445, ID 1952UTC, playing goood music! :-) 1.8.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1955UTC, AM, 55445, First twisting hits from the 50's, then more recent beats. Fantastic party stuff as usual from Mustang! :-D ID and greetings 2015UTC. 1.8.2014

What a good start for August! I wish I was not so sleepy and would manage to stay awake longer... ;-)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Utility log from LF

Reporting something from the longer wavelengths this time:

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0849UTC, CW, RDL RDL RDL 26173 36012 26173 36012 26173 36012 K, 28.6.2014

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0857UTC, CW, XXX XXX, 28.6.2014

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0904UTC, CW, RDL RDL RDL 17329 12975 17329 12975 17329 12975 K, 28.6.2014

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0909UTC, CW, XXX XXX, 28.6.2014

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0926UTC, CW, RDL RDL RDL 27838 96949 27838 96949 27838 96949 K, 28.6.2014

18,1kHz RDL: Russian Military, 0952UTC, CW, RDL RDL RDL 25618 90024 25618 90024 25618 90024 K, 28.6.2014

25,0kHz RJH69: 0603UTC, CW, RJH69 several times (abt.10-20), sending also carrier and data, 29.6.2014

25,0kHz RJH77: 0805UTC, CW, RJH77 several times (abt.10-20), sending also carrier and data, 29.6.2014

17,2kHz SAQ: 0900UTC, CW, S8/-80dBm, (message copied), 29.6.2014

25,0kHz RJH63: 1006UTC, CW, RJH63 several times (abt.10-20), sending also carrier and data, 29.6.2014

17,2kHz SAQ: 1200UTC, CW, S8/-80dBm (message copied), 29.6.2014

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Good Music on Saturday Night

Funny thing... Many good stations, -on 6285kHz, 6325kHz and 6400kHz for example-, but I "got stuck" listening to only one for the whole evening! Great signal, great music: could not turn the dial! ;-)

6306,0kHz: Zender Akenzo, 1937UTC, AM, 44444, Good party going on: played Funky Town, sending greetings and ID 1938UTC, played Jump…, and then yodeling!!! :-) 28.6.2014

Now if I could find the email address...

Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunday, 15 June 2014

QSL from Radio Tina

One can get thirsty in the summertime... Thank you for the very thoughtful QSL Radio Tina! :-)

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Short Saturday Log

Crash-boom-bang! Summer is here: the sun up high, and so is static. Today's log could not get much shorter than this...

6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1904UTC, AM, 35222, Started listening before the band properly opened… Save Your Prayers to the Morning After, We Close Our Eyes, Lucky Number's One, Rock This Town. Good signal pushing through the static and great music! :-) 7.6.2014

 6236kHz: Unid, 1937UTC, AM, 35233, Playing country style (Dutch?) music and then some Elvis. Good signal, no ID as of yet (1943UTC) 7.6.2014

Only few weeks to go until midsummer!!! :-)

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

QSL from Radio Altrex

Many thanks Radio Altrex for the genuine steampunk-piratestyle QSL and great transmitter photo!!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014

High Frequency Friday

No summertime blues, but great free radio action instead! When the twilight falls, it's time to hear what's on the radio!

6285kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1837UTC, AM, 35333, Started at 1837UTC by playing soft music, sent greetings to Silveri at 1844UTC, ID 1847UTC, played Black Betty (great piece of music!), White Room, Rock Me Now, etc. 30.5.2014

6240kHz: Radio Experience, 1851UTC, AM, 33333, Playing Baggy Trousers, periodical QRM from 6235kHz USB, Billie Jean: classic! 30.5.2014

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1859UTC, AM, 35343, Playing good mood music! :-) Honky Tonk Blues etc. from the sixties! 30.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Verona, 1909UTC, AM, 25333, Playing something like german "schlager"-songs? Lots of those! ID at 1957UTC. 30.5.2014

6981kHz: Unid, 1950UTC, AM, 34332, Music station having quite strong carrier, but a bit low audio modulation, at least to my ears. 30.5.2014

Thank you, Mighty Pirates! :-)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer's in the air!

Summer conditions on shortwaves! Had to be patient and wait all the way until 1930UTC before the signals started to come through properly on the lower bands... But when the D-layer fog finally cleared, there were lots of great pirates to be heard! :-)

13910kHz: Unid, 1958UTC, LSB, 25443, Plays Paranoid, then commercials from Turku(!), continues with Finnish songs, then Rock This Town, ID 1608UTC but did not copy it, continued with Johnny be Goode. 16.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Joey, 1816UTC, AM, 24222, Apache, then some techno-beat. Deep fading, not so easy. 16.5.2014

6236kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1827UTC, AM, 24222, I Just Can't Get Enough. Deep fading here too, so challenging conditions. Icing on the cake is done by S9+20dB utility on 6237 at 1829UTC for a moment. Continues with ragga beat. ID 1835UTC. I Can't Stand the Rain. 16.5.2014

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1840UTC, AM, 22222, Let's Twist Again, What a Wonderful World it Would Be, ID 1846UTC, Only the Lonely…, playing nice oldies! 16.5.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1918UTC, AM, 45224, Something Stupid Like I Love You…, audio dropped out 1921UTC. Pity, was the strongest signal this evening so far! Audio came back 1925UTC with same song again. :-) ID 1940UTC and no surprise: it;s Mustang who has the strongest signal on the band, once again! :-) 16.5.2014

6400kHz: Radio Mazda, 1945UTC, AM, 45224, Wooly Bully, Mr Tamburine Man, ID 1949UTC, Here Come the Night… very nice classics and good signal! 16.5.2014

Thank you all for the great free radio shows!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Monday, 12 May 2014

QSLs from Odynn Radio

Many thanks Mark for sending these spectacular Odynn Radio QSL cards! They are much appreciated:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Smooth Saturday on the Airwaves

Much better conditions today than yesterday, so instead of static the ether is sizzling with fabulous Pirate signals! Smooth surfing to your favourite free station:

6285kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1813UTC, AM, 35433, Playing reggae mix, ID 1818UTC, good style and good music! :-) 10.5.2014

6450kHz: Studio 52, 1838UTC, AM, 24432, First playing polka, then "Camouflage". Signal not strong, but not much interference either, so quite readable! Forward, march, with a Can-Can-Polka! 10.5.2014

6325kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1905UTC AM, 43434, ID 1908UTC, continuing with Carma Chameleon. Nearly played a polka (yess!!!), but quickly changed to a slow song (pity! ;-) The Eagle flies on! 10.5.2014

6390kHz: Unid, 1915UTC, AM, 33434, Utility on 6392kHz so need to listen on LSB, which works well though! I Feel Love, great classic! ID 1921UTC but did not catch what it was. 10.5.2014

6201kHz: Radio Joey, 1925UTC, AM, 34434, Nice clear signal. Keep on Loving You, Driver's Seat, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Good music and young sounding DJ! ;-) 10.5.2014

3905kHz: Radio Alice, 1952UTC, AM, 44444, Older songs, German I assume. Very clear audio and good modulation, a pleasure to listen! ID 2003UTC. 10.5.2014

6376kHz: Mustang Radio, 2009UTC, AM, 55445, Signal again like the transmitter would be on my roof… ;-) Showman Mustang plays techno! ID 2014UTC. 10.5.2014

6395kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 2040UTC, AM, 35434, … Like They Do on the Discovery Channel, ID 2044UTC, We Didn't Start the Flame War… Great Party Music, thank you Sluwe! :-) 10.5.2014

Friday, 9 May 2014

Thunderstorms on the Airwaves

Rough weather kept many Pirates (and listeners) at bay? Despite plenty of crakling on the loudspeaker, some stations managed to come through the storm with good music!

6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1726UTC, AM, 35343, ID 1727UTC, playing Substitute by Clout. 9.5.2014

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1812UTC, AM, 35333. 9.5.2014

6290kHz: Radio Verona, 1822UTC, AM, 24222, Yodeling song. 9.5.2014

Better luck and conditions next time I hope!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Monday, 5 May 2014

QSLs from Mustang Radio

Many thanks to Mustang Radio for these great looking QSL-cards that certainly raise my car fever several degrees! :-)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saturday Night Fever Revisited with Free Radio

My glitterball rotator has been running red hot by the hits flowing from great stations:

6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1641UTC, AM, 34423, Thinking About You, You Don't Know What its Like, On the Night Shift, Save the Best for Last, What's Another Year, ID and email 1713UTC. 3.5.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1653UTC, AM, 35423, Playing Roy Orbison nonstop: Everything You Want, You Got It and other song which I do not recognise, Everything You Want, You Got It playing again at 1707UTC. 3.5.2014

6305kHz: NMD Radio, 1721UTC, AM, 34323, Sending regards to listeners and closing down with very nice jingle, ID and email address. 3.5.2014

6305kHz: Unid, 1817UTC, AM, 34323, Indie style music with lots of stories in between songs, but no ID. 3.5.2014

6240kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 33323, No ID heard. Utility on 6242kHz every now and then, but reception OK on LSB. 3.5.2014

6283kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1830UTC, AM, 45324, On the Road Again, ID 1834UTC, ZZ-Top, Chris Isaac, Sweet Child in Time at 1856UTC (great song!) and thanks for greetings! :-) Closing down 1905UTC. 3.5.2014

6207kHz: Unid, 1850UTC, AM, 45324, Nice nonstop songs (I do not recognise them, unfortunately), no ID. 3.5.2014

6725kHz: Radio Tower, 1906UTC, AM, 45334, ID 1905UTC followed by dutch songs, ID and email in English 1910UTC. 3.5.2014

6283kHz: Radio Flying Dutchman, 1918UTC, AM, 45334, ID 1919UTC, some audio feedback (or something) 1922, but quickly fixed. Continues with Don't Stop Thinking About tomorrow, nice ID at 1924UTC, Amii Stewart knocking on wood at 1937UTC (my discoball overspeeds! :-), AC/DC Lets There be Rock! 3.5.2014

Thank you Pirates! "All your frequencies are belong to us"! :-)

Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Fun on Free Radio Wavelengths

Some super pirate signals to beat all static crashes once again! Amazing antennas, amazing afterburners!

6290,0kHz: Unid, 1700UTC, AM, 32222, ID 1703UTC, but too much static in the air to copy correctly. Also utility-stn on 6295kHz. Will likely improve later, 2.5.2014

6295kHz: Odynn Radio, 1828UTC, AM, 45224, Another One Bites the Dust, These Boots are Made for Walking, I Come From the Land Down Under, ID 1835UTC and 1838UTC, continuing with John Fogerty, the Hey Joe. Best signal on the band this evening so far! :-) 2.5.2014

6425kHz: Studio 52, 1849UTC, AM, 35333, ID 1851, followed by "drinking piano music", Springsteen Dancing in the Dark, 2.5.2014

6245kHz: Mustang Radio, 1803UTC, AM, 55555(!), Playing Sandstorm… No other pirate so far has made my needle reach +20dB over S9! :-0 I'm speechless…. Thumbs up for Mustang Radio! :-) 2.5.2014

6210kHz: Relmus Radio International, 2020UTC, AM, 45435, ID on 2021UTC with Rockabilly Rebel, followed by party beats. Dropped out 2029UTC, 2.5.2014

The future of shortwave radio is here! :-)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Noise-Noise-Noise (sing it like Sabrina... ;-)

Summer-like static on the air, but that means there will soon be plenty bikinis on the beach... Meanwhile we still look and listen for pirates:

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1747UTC, AM, 44323, Soft holiday music: Me and Bobby McGee, Playa Blanca. Fades very deep every now and then. ID 1759UTC. 1.5.2014

6321kHz: Onda Caliente, 1802UTC, AM, 34322, ID 1807UTC, more static noise than yesterday and utility stn on 6325kHz not improving the reception :-( 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Radio Altrex, 1822UTC, AM, 24322, Save your Kisses for Me, signing out with massive echoing ID 1825UTC and greetings to Mick! Last song by Roxy Music! 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Unid, 1829UTC, AM, 34323, Odd transmission in and out after Altrex signing off(?): some techno music and several "hello"s…, U2 in 1836UTC and out 1838UTC. 1.5.2014

6710kHz: Unid, 1845UTC, LSB, 45334, Meet you at Midnight, Take a Look at Me Now; dropped out 1857UTC. 1.5.2014

3675kHz: Unid, 1924UTC, LSB, 54544, Music on ham frequency! :-0 House of the Rising Sun, piece of Love Love Love, over to Pink Floyd, jumps to Show Must go On, QSOs going on underneath the signal… 1.5.2014

6300kHz: Unid, 1934UTC, AM, 45434, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, few "schlagers", no ID coming my way… 1.5.2014

3030kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 1944UTC, AM, 54435, Thriller, ID 1945UTC, greetings to listeners, email 1946UTC, "Radio Titanic Hollandii"… 1.5.2014

The best material for celebrating the first of May! :-)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Noisy Wednesday Airwaves won't Stop the Music

Static crashes and aurora bashes, but free radio is coming through!!!

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1634UTC, AM, 45323, First station to open the band to Finland this evening. Noisy band conditions, but signal pushing through nicely! 30.4.2014

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1715UTC, AM, 45333, ID 1714UTC followed by great Mickey polka!!! :-) ID again 1717UTC Such a nice music show! 30.4.2014

6210kHz: Onda Caliente, 1722UTC, AM, 34334, ID 1724UTC and 1734UTC. Playing nice music with personal touch! Email address 1738UTC Closing down 1739UTC. 30.4.2014

6300kHz: Unid, 1740UTC, AM, 44344, Polka!!! :-) ID 1744UTC, but too much noise to copy it clearly. 30.4.2014

6290kHz: Telstar Radio, 1841UTC, AM, 44334, ID 1844UTC, playing nice dutch music! Quiet spot on 1854UTC, came back 1855UTC. 30.4.2014

6935kHz: Free Radio Victoria, 1923UTC, AM, 45334, Playing smoooth instrumental music in the beginning, especially Oldfield, ID 1930UTC email 1935UTC. Then over to the sensational sixties: Aquarius on the airwaves 1941UTC, great song! Then In the Year 2525; boy what great oldies! Fantastic music show!!! 30.4.2014

Thank you for making my evening a great party! :-)

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

QSLs from Relmus Radio

Awesome triplet of spine-chilling QSLs received from Relmus Radio! Better catch Relmus next time on the air before it catches me... ;-)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Friday, 25 April 2014

Free radio signals with fantastic music as received on Friday

It's good to be back at the radios after a short break. All the great shows on the air make a perfect start for the weekend!

6305kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1601UTC, AM, 45434, Simple Simon Says, Free Electric Band, ID 1603UTC faded to unreadable (SINPO 25422), Hold your Head High, Lust for Life, ID clearly received at 1624UTC -propagation improving! (SINPO 45434), Power to the People, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Car Wash..., 25.4.2014

6285kHz: Unid, 1726UTC, AM, 34333, Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love, relayed program ID "Mickey G Playing all #1s from 1964", 25.4.2014

6240kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1732UTC, AM, 33434, QRM from 6235, but reception OK on upper sideband…, except 1752UTC utility transmitter on upper sideband! It's like a sandwich! x-) ID at 1800UTC, 25.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1808UTC, AM, 55434, ID at 1816UTC, followed by Let Me Be the One Who's Loving You Tonight, Strong good quality signal! Ah, polka music 1636UTC! :-) 25.4.2014

6295kHz: Mustang Radio, 1852UTC, AM, 55545, No Limit, Pump Up the Jam (partly), audio dropping off sometimes, "full tilt" on 1904UTC :-/ But on 1923UTC polka music is back making all good again! 8-) At 1929UTC the signal is remarkable S9+20dB! Child in Time sounds great! Afterwards Ma Baker, Black is Black, Venus…, fantastic classics!!! 25.4.2014

6375kHz: Unid, 1913UTC AM, 45434, Playing Soundgarden for Crombi, talking about setting off car alarms... 25.4.2014

Thank you Pirates for arranging the great music party on the airwaves!!!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

QSL from Radio Underground

Radio Underground sent this dee-licious QSL card... :-d  Thank you, it makes me hungry for more!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday night moonwalking

Saturday evening with almost full moon and warm radio room... Perfect time to surf the shortwaves!!!

15500kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1656UTC, AM, 45555, Modern Talking(?), Pet Shop Boys, ABBA "SOS" for Marco, ID 1713UTC, 12.4.2014

6297kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1716UTC, AM, 43544, ID and greetings received 1720UTC. Good signal, good music!, 12.4.2014

6808kHz: Sundown Radio, 1731UTC, AM, 34544, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, ID and email 1735UTC, followed by very cool retro lounge music, then some music from the golden fifties. Steady and undisturbed transmission, a pleasure to listen, 12.4.2014

6297kHz: Radio Countdown, 1822UTC, AM, 45535, ID and email 1822UTC, greetings received 1823UTC, continued to Electric Avenue. Bumpy conditions but strong signal with good modulation all the time!, 12.4.2014

6978kHz: Rock Radio Network, 1846UTC, AM, 34423, Noisy conditions in part of band but good enough for catching the music! ID on 1847UTC, I need email address to this station please, 12.4.2014

6325kHz: Unid, 1900UTC, AM, 44433, Fast fading, but otherwise nice signal. Could not get an ID, 12.4.2014

6385kHz: Radio Universe, 1905UTC, AM, 45545, ID 1905, more 80's Disco Music coming, we are Forever Young, great show! :-) 12.4.2014

Friday, 11 April 2014

Great Signals on Friday Evening!

Exceptionally good signals bombed souther Finland on Friday evening, carrying over a pirateship-load of great music!!!

3905kHz: Radio Spaceshuttle International, 1820UTC, AM, 55445, ID + email 1820UTC, Nina Hagen rules 1825UTC, London calling 1829UTC, CD 1835UTC, 11.4.2014

6205kHz: Unid, 1840UTC, AM, 45545, Greetings received! :-) Closing down after Pink Floyd's the Wall 1845. 11.4.2014

15485kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1850UTC, AM, 55555, ID + email 1850UTC, closing down 1900, 11.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1903UTC, AM, 44435, the Lion Sleeps Tonight, 11.4.2014

6210kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1908UTC, AM, 55545, Mina poika juon for Jari, Neil Young Keeps on Rocking in the Free World, ID 1915UTC, 11.4.2014

1645kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1920UTC, AM, 44554, Lady in Black, ID 1927UTC, then rockabilly, 11.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1944UTC, AM, 44535, "Your no good for me" techno mix, some SSB QRM, 11.4.2014

6210kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 2007UTC, AM, 55535, Baccara can Boogie, greetings to Gino 2008UTC, continuing with "Big in Japan", 11.4.2014

Thank you everyone for putting the great shows on the airwaves!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Saturday's Theme: Unidentified

Less than perfect conditions on the lower bands to southern Finland continued on Saturday. Not so many stations heard on the air as on previous weekends. But still, lots of great music was trawled into the loop antenna!

6215kHz: Unid, 1704UTC, AM, 23422, Techno music, 5.4.2014

6325kHz: Bogus Olli(?): 1759UTC, AM, 35534, Indie style music, ID 1829UTC, Black Sabbath on 1836UTC, 5.4.2014

13944kHz: Unid, 1846UTC, AM, 45534, Techno music here too, 5.4.2014

6285kHz: Unid, 1900UTC, AM, 55545, Techno music again: No Limit, but also no ID. Great signal! 5.4.2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

Short Friday Log

Not so good conditions on the band this evening, but some great stations still came through nicely:

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1734UTC, AM, 33533, ID and greetings received 1754UTC :-), 4.4.2014

6282kHz: Unid, 1742UTC, AM, 35534,Shania Twain: I Feel Like a Woman, 1745UTC testing through microphone in Russian and closed down, 4.4.2014

6295kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1803UTC, AM, 45524, Light music, greetings received 1805UTC :-), followed by nice polka music!, 4.4.2014

6268kHz: Mustang Radio, 1827UTC, AM, 55545, I Just can't Get Enough, Rock 'n Roll is King, moved to 6305kHz 1840UTC, 4.4.2014

Needed to go to bed early; lifting crane arriving 07.00 hrs next morning...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

QSL from Radio Silverback

Thank you for the mighty QSL Silverback and I look forward to hearing you on the air soon again!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saturday free radio festivities logged on-air

11401kHz: Unid, 1514UTC, AM, 23522, Country music, dropped out 1517UTC, no ID
6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1638UTC, AM, 45544, Save the Last Dance for Me, audio off 1652UTC
6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1648UTC, AM, 35544, 1657UTC playing ABBA, "back to the 80's" :-)
6925kHz: Over60degradio, 1729UTC, AM, 44545, Playing Thin Lizzy
6290kHz: Calypso Radio, 1829UTC, AM, 35534, 50 watts, playing CCR style music
6380kHz: Radio Universe, 1837UTC, AM, 34333, One Way Ticket, There's Always the Sun
4029kHz: Laser Hot Hits, 1938UTC, AM, 33433, Playing "I've Been Looking for You"
3905kHz: Radio Quintus, 2039UTC, AM, 34534, email … ID 2050UTC
6915kHz: Over60degradio, 2047UTC, LSB, 35544, Relaying Artem's World Music

Thanks everyone for the great shows!!! :-)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Friday evening radio party log

Lot's of great music on the airwaves yesterday:

3905kHz: Radio Alice, 1939UTC, AM, 44545, ID 1944UTC "Radio Alice breaking the noise!"
6215kHz: Unid, 1949kHz, AM, 35541, Strong carrier visible, but low modulation
6286kHz: Radio Underground, 1953UTC, AM, 35433, ID 1955UTC, strong fading
4029kHz: Unid, 2009UTC, AM, 32433, LHH(?) playing Rainy Night in Georgia
6747kHz: Over 60 Degree Radio, 2023UTC, USB, 35534, relaying WCLT program
6245kHz: Horizon FM, 2041UTC, AM, 33533, ID 2045UTC, strong fading
6915kHz: Unid, 2050UTC, AM, 24423, ID 2059UTC but too weak read
1323kHz: Whitestar, 2100UTC, AM, 45544, Final Countdown, Money Talks, Jamie's Got a Gun, etc.
3927kHz: Siivuradio, 2140UTC, AM, 45535, Playing Finnish Music(!), DJMHz IDs 2142UTC
6267kHz: Mustang Radio, 2149UTC, AM, 55535, Huge signal once again!
6295kHz: Cupid Radio, 2211UTC, AM, 54444, ID 2214UTC closing down for the evening

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Night Fever

6255kHz Horizon FM, 0625UTC, AM, 24422, 0650UTC played "On a road to nowhere" 15.3.2014

6295kHz Unid, 0654UTC, AM, 35522, 15.3.2014

6803kHz Pink Panther Radio, 1620UTC, AM, 33533, ID 1629UTC & email, 15.3.2014

6950kHz Radio Blackbeard, 1631UTC, AM, 33433, ID 1632UTC, continued with techno mix, 15.3.2014

6745kHz Mustang Radio, 1651UTC, AM, 55535, really loud signal, 15.3.2014

13915kHz BSRadio-Finland, 1712UTC, LSB, 35543, playing Michael Jackson, 15.3.2014

6925kHz Over 60 Degree Radio, 1758UTC, AM, 45554, Artem World Music Show, 15.3.2014

6925kHz Over 60 Degree Radio, 1818UTC, LSB, 45554, testing 90W, 15.3.2014

6325kHz Mustang Radio, 1911UTC, AM, 43544, Mr Tamburineman, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, ID
1923UTC, 15.3.2014

3905kHz Radio Alice, 1941UTC, AM, 45534, ID 1947UTC, ID 2006UTC but this time with bananas ;-) 15.3.2014

6220kHz Sluwe Vos Radio, 2015UTC, AM, 45524, ID and greetings to Kiev, 15.3.2014

Many thanks to everyone for the great music shows! :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday evening logs

6290kHz  Radio Silverback  1745UTC 35534 14.3.2014
6241kHz  Radio Tina            1806UTC 35533 14.3.2014
6305kHz  Radio Tina            1850UTC 35534 14.3.2014
7290kHz  Radio City            1858UTC 53454 14.3.2014
3110kHz  Sluwe Vos Radio  1940UTC 34533 14.3.2014
4029kHz  Laser Hot Hits      1948UTC 33533 14.3.2014
3905kHz  Skyline Radio       2011UTC 44534 14.3.2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

Short Aero log

6754kHz Volmet Military aviation weather report 0441UTC USB Weather at 0300Z: Toronto light snow, Ottawa clear 9.3.2014

6622kHz Gander Radio 0446UTC USB Worked Castrol(?)325, Delta 408, United 269, testing selcalls 9.3.2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday morning logs

6304, Radio Marabu (?),     0520UTC, 25532, German music,                                               9.3.2014
3985, Radio 700,                0500UTC, 45555, ID at 0500 then ABBA "Winner Takes it All", 9.3.2014
6060, Radio Havana Cuba, 0545UTC, 43554, News at the hour, Arnie Coro at 0630,           9.3.2014
6200, Technical Man,          0705UTC, 35534, 0747 "Running on Empty", ID at 0756,           9.3.2014
6265, Radio Nora (?),         0808UTC, 25523, Faded away 0820UTC, too bad...                 9.3.2014

Late logs from Saturday night

6950  Unid                        1638 AM    25543 ID at 1638: "This is the superstation"    8.3.2014
6910  Unid                        1730 AM    52554 Dropped out 1741UTC                       8.3.2014
6950  Radio Blackbeard    1811 AM    45555                                                            8.3.2014
6747  Radio Pioneer (?)     1903 AM    45555 List of songs sent...                              8.3.2014

Great shows all of them! :-)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Great saturday music on shortwaves

6095.0  Mighty KBC 1438UTC-> 54555 Rock n' Roll Saturday 
6395.0  Unid 1530UTC 42543 DJ speaks in dutch, Blondie's Atomic in the background, signing off 1533UTC
6802.5  Pink Panther Radio 1559UTC-> 33553 Great 80's music!!! :-)
6925.0  Unid 1513UTC signed out 1515UTC

Friday, 7 March 2014

Radio Merkurs

1485     Radio Merkurs     1945UTC     54555     Evergreens: Frank Sinatra, ID at 1954UTC

Wednesday, 5 March 2014