Thursday, 30 October 2014

Weekday log

It's nice to have radio gear available for listening also during weekdays! Here are some Pirates (and Radio Gramox) I heard navigating the airwaves earlier this week:

6305,0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1808UTC, AM, 45534, Playing nice dutch music. ID and closing down at 1815UTC, Monday 27.10.2014

3960,0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1820UTC, AM, 53353, Playing evergreens. Heavy QRM from BC station on 3965kHz.    Monday 27.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1807UTC, AM, 54545, Big signal!! Playing nice dutch songs. Closed down at 1823UTC, with no ID. Tuesday    28.10.2014

6295,0kHz: Unid, 1803UTC, AM, 44544, Playing dutch oldies. Slightly disturbing carrier on 6296kHz. The Bee Gees: Massachusetts. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1809UTC, AM, 44544, German popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6747,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 54545, ID at 1826UTC, but missed it. Plays popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1952UTC, AM, 33433, Good music nonstop!!! :-) Here Comes the Sun, the Sound of Silence, Suspicious Minds, Feel the Need In Me, Listen To the Music. No ID. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6290,0kHz: Odynn Radio, 1845UTC, AM, 35433, Pop music, ID and phone number at 1849UTC. Thursday    30.10.2014

6302,0kHz: Unid, 1852UTC, AM, 45434, Playing dutch songs. Thursday 30.10.2014

Now looking forward to the weekend! :-)

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