Friday, 25 April 2014

Free radio signals with fantastic music as received on Friday

It's good to be back at the radios after a short break. All the great shows on the air make a perfect start for the weekend!

6305kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1601UTC, AM, 45434, Simple Simon Says, Free Electric Band, ID 1603UTC faded to unreadable (SINPO 25422), Hold your Head High, Lust for Life, ID clearly received at 1624UTC -propagation improving! (SINPO 45434), Power to the People, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Car Wash..., 25.4.2014

6285kHz: Unid, 1726UTC, AM, 34333, Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love, relayed program ID "Mickey G Playing all #1s from 1964", 25.4.2014

6240kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1732UTC, AM, 33434, QRM from 6235, but reception OK on upper sideband…, except 1752UTC utility transmitter on upper sideband! It's like a sandwich! x-) ID at 1800UTC, 25.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1808UTC, AM, 55434, ID at 1816UTC, followed by Let Me Be the One Who's Loving You Tonight, Strong good quality signal! Ah, polka music 1636UTC! :-) 25.4.2014

6295kHz: Mustang Radio, 1852UTC, AM, 55545, No Limit, Pump Up the Jam (partly), audio dropping off sometimes, "full tilt" on 1904UTC :-/ But on 1923UTC polka music is back making all good again! 8-) At 1929UTC the signal is remarkable S9+20dB! Child in Time sounds great! Afterwards Ma Baker, Black is Black, Venus…, fantastic classics!!! 25.4.2014

6375kHz: Unid, 1913UTC AM, 45434, Playing Soundgarden for Crombi, talking about setting off car alarms... 25.4.2014

Thank you Pirates for arranging the great music party on the airwaves!!!


  1. Hello! I think that Unid on 6285 was Radio Focus Int'l (UK pirate), Unid on 6375 was Radio Python (NL pirate). Good luck and 73's! Ihor

    1. Thank you for the good information Ihor! :-) 73 to you also and good DX!