Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year log

Good party going on the airwaves, plenty of free radio to celebrate!

6803.0kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1633UTC, AM, 45534, Pink Panther playing nice pops! :-) ABBA “Happy New Year” and closing down at 1704UTC. 31.12.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1640UTC, AM, 45545, Watch Out for the Skin Deep, Pinball Wizard. Good signal! 31.12.2014

6284.0kHz: Radio Underground, 1655UTC, AM, 35533, ID at 1656UTC, HNY greetings, phonenro at 1657UTC, Love Action; nice show as usual! 31.12.2014

6295.0kHz: Radio Borderhunter, 1729UTC, AM, 45534, ID and HNY at 1733UTC and 1736. Nice dance beat follows! :-) 31.12.2014

Happy New Year 2015 everybody! :-)

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