Friday, 30 May 2014

High Frequency Friday

No summertime blues, but great free radio action instead! When the twilight falls, it's time to hear what's on the radio!

6285kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1837UTC, AM, 35333, Started at 1837UTC by playing soft music, sent greetings to Silveri at 1844UTC, ID 1847UTC, played Black Betty (great piece of music!), White Room, Rock Me Now, etc. 30.5.2014

6240kHz: Radio Experience, 1851UTC, AM, 33333, Playing Baggy Trousers, periodical QRM from 6235kHz USB, Billie Jean: classic! 30.5.2014

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1859UTC, AM, 35343, Playing good mood music! :-) Honky Tonk Blues etc. from the sixties! 30.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Verona, 1909UTC, AM, 25333, Playing something like german "schlager"-songs? Lots of those! ID at 1957UTC. 30.5.2014

6981kHz: Unid, 1950UTC, AM, 34332, Music station having quite strong carrier, but a bit low audio modulation, at least to my ears. 30.5.2014

Thank you, Mighty Pirates! :-)

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer's in the air!

Summer conditions on shortwaves! Had to be patient and wait all the way until 1930UTC before the signals started to come through properly on the lower bands... But when the D-layer fog finally cleared, there were lots of great pirates to be heard! :-)

13910kHz: Unid, 1958UTC, LSB, 25443, Plays Paranoid, then commercials from Turku(!), continues with Finnish songs, then Rock This Town, ID 1608UTC but did not copy it, continued with Johnny be Goode. 16.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Joey, 1816UTC, AM, 24222, Apache, then some techno-beat. Deep fading, not so easy. 16.5.2014

6236kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1827UTC, AM, 24222, I Just Can't Get Enough. Deep fading here too, so challenging conditions. Icing on the cake is done by S9+20dB utility on 6237 at 1829UTC for a moment. Continues with ragga beat. ID 1835UTC. I Can't Stand the Rain. 16.5.2014

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1840UTC, AM, 22222, Let's Twist Again, What a Wonderful World it Would Be, ID 1846UTC, Only the Lonely…, playing nice oldies! 16.5.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1918UTC, AM, 45224, Something Stupid Like I Love You…, audio dropped out 1921UTC. Pity, was the strongest signal this evening so far! Audio came back 1925UTC with same song again. :-) ID 1940UTC and no surprise: it;s Mustang who has the strongest signal on the band, once again! :-) 16.5.2014

6400kHz: Radio Mazda, 1945UTC, AM, 45224, Wooly Bully, Mr Tamburine Man, ID 1949UTC, Here Come the Night… very nice classics and good signal! 16.5.2014

Thank you all for the great free radio shows!!!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Monday, 12 May 2014

QSLs from Odynn Radio

Many thanks Mark for sending these spectacular Odynn Radio QSL cards! They are much appreciated:

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Smooth Saturday on the Airwaves

Much better conditions today than yesterday, so instead of static the ether is sizzling with fabulous Pirate signals! Smooth surfing to your favourite free station:

6285kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1813UTC, AM, 35433, Playing reggae mix, ID 1818UTC, good style and good music! :-) 10.5.2014

6450kHz: Studio 52, 1838UTC, AM, 24432, First playing polka, then "Camouflage". Signal not strong, but not much interference either, so quite readable! Forward, march, with a Can-Can-Polka! 10.5.2014

6325kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1905UTC AM, 43434, ID 1908UTC, continuing with Carma Chameleon. Nearly played a polka (yess!!!), but quickly changed to a slow song (pity! ;-) The Eagle flies on! 10.5.2014

6390kHz: Unid, 1915UTC, AM, 33434, Utility on 6392kHz so need to listen on LSB, which works well though! I Feel Love, great classic! ID 1921UTC but did not catch what it was. 10.5.2014

6201kHz: Radio Joey, 1925UTC, AM, 34434, Nice clear signal. Keep on Loving You, Driver's Seat, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow. Good music and young sounding DJ! ;-) 10.5.2014

3905kHz: Radio Alice, 1952UTC, AM, 44444, Older songs, German I assume. Very clear audio and good modulation, a pleasure to listen! ID 2003UTC. 10.5.2014

6376kHz: Mustang Radio, 2009UTC, AM, 55445, Signal again like the transmitter would be on my roof… ;-) Showman Mustang plays techno! ID 2014UTC. 10.5.2014

6395kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 2040UTC, AM, 35434, … Like They Do on the Discovery Channel, ID 2044UTC, We Didn't Start the Flame War… Great Party Music, thank you Sluwe! :-) 10.5.2014

Friday, 9 May 2014

Thunderstorms on the Airwaves

Rough weather kept many Pirates (and listeners) at bay? Despite plenty of crakling on the loudspeaker, some stations managed to come through the storm with good music!

6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1726UTC, AM, 35343, ID 1727UTC, playing Substitute by Clout. 9.5.2014

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1812UTC, AM, 35333. 9.5.2014

6290kHz: Radio Verona, 1822UTC, AM, 24222, Yodeling song. 9.5.2014

Better luck and conditions next time I hope!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Monday, 5 May 2014

QSLs from Mustang Radio

Many thanks to Mustang Radio for these great looking QSL-cards that certainly raise my car fever several degrees! :-)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saturday Night Fever Revisited with Free Radio

My glitterball rotator has been running red hot by the hits flowing from great stations:

6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1641UTC, AM, 34423, Thinking About You, You Don't Know What its Like, On the Night Shift, Save the Best for Last, What's Another Year, ID and email 1713UTC. 3.5.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1653UTC, AM, 35423, Playing Roy Orbison nonstop: Everything You Want, You Got It and other song which I do not recognise, Everything You Want, You Got It playing again at 1707UTC. 3.5.2014

6305kHz: NMD Radio, 1721UTC, AM, 34323, Sending regards to listeners and closing down with very nice jingle, ID and email address. 3.5.2014

6305kHz: Unid, 1817UTC, AM, 34323, Indie style music with lots of stories in between songs, but no ID. 3.5.2014

6240kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 33323, No ID heard. Utility on 6242kHz every now and then, but reception OK on LSB. 3.5.2014

6283kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1830UTC, AM, 45324, On the Road Again, ID 1834UTC, ZZ-Top, Chris Isaac, Sweet Child in Time at 1856UTC (great song!) and thanks for greetings! :-) Closing down 1905UTC. 3.5.2014

6207kHz: Unid, 1850UTC, AM, 45324, Nice nonstop songs (I do not recognise them, unfortunately), no ID. 3.5.2014

6725kHz: Radio Tower, 1906UTC, AM, 45334, ID 1905UTC followed by dutch songs, ID and email in English 1910UTC. 3.5.2014

6283kHz: Radio Flying Dutchman, 1918UTC, AM, 45334, ID 1919UTC, some audio feedback (or something) 1922, but quickly fixed. Continues with Don't Stop Thinking About tomorrow, nice ID at 1924UTC, Amii Stewart knocking on wood at 1937UTC (my discoball overspeeds! :-), AC/DC Lets There be Rock! 3.5.2014

Thank you Pirates! "All your frequencies are belong to us"! :-)

Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Fun on Free Radio Wavelengths

Some super pirate signals to beat all static crashes once again! Amazing antennas, amazing afterburners!

6290,0kHz: Unid, 1700UTC, AM, 32222, ID 1703UTC, but too much static in the air to copy correctly. Also utility-stn on 6295kHz. Will likely improve later, 2.5.2014

6295kHz: Odynn Radio, 1828UTC, AM, 45224, Another One Bites the Dust, These Boots are Made for Walking, I Come From the Land Down Under, ID 1835UTC and 1838UTC, continuing with John Fogerty, the Hey Joe. Best signal on the band this evening so far! :-) 2.5.2014

6425kHz: Studio 52, 1849UTC, AM, 35333, ID 1851, followed by "drinking piano music", Springsteen Dancing in the Dark, 2.5.2014

6245kHz: Mustang Radio, 1803UTC, AM, 55555(!), Playing Sandstorm… No other pirate so far has made my needle reach +20dB over S9! :-0 I'm speechless…. Thumbs up for Mustang Radio! :-) 2.5.2014

6210kHz: Relmus Radio International, 2020UTC, AM, 45435, ID on 2021UTC with Rockabilly Rebel, followed by party beats. Dropped out 2029UTC, 2.5.2014

The future of shortwave radio is here! :-)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Noise-Noise-Noise (sing it like Sabrina... ;-)

Summer-like static on the air, but that means there will soon be plenty bikinis on the beach... Meanwhile we still look and listen for pirates:

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1747UTC, AM, 44323, Soft holiday music: Me and Bobby McGee, Playa Blanca. Fades very deep every now and then. ID 1759UTC. 1.5.2014

6321kHz: Onda Caliente, 1802UTC, AM, 34322, ID 1807UTC, more static noise than yesterday and utility stn on 6325kHz not improving the reception :-( 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Radio Altrex, 1822UTC, AM, 24322, Save your Kisses for Me, signing out with massive echoing ID 1825UTC and greetings to Mick! Last song by Roxy Music! 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Unid, 1829UTC, AM, 34323, Odd transmission in and out after Altrex signing off(?): some techno music and several "hello"s…, U2 in 1836UTC and out 1838UTC. 1.5.2014

6710kHz: Unid, 1845UTC, LSB, 45334, Meet you at Midnight, Take a Look at Me Now; dropped out 1857UTC. 1.5.2014

3675kHz: Unid, 1924UTC, LSB, 54544, Music on ham frequency! :-0 House of the Rising Sun, piece of Love Love Love, over to Pink Floyd, jumps to Show Must go On, QSOs going on underneath the signal… 1.5.2014

6300kHz: Unid, 1934UTC, AM, 45434, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, few "schlagers", no ID coming my way… 1.5.2014

3030kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 1944UTC, AM, 54435, Thriller, ID 1945UTC, greetings to listeners, email 1946UTC, "Radio Titanic Hollandii"… 1.5.2014

The best material for celebrating the first of May! :-)