Friday, 11 April 2014

Great Signals on Friday Evening!

Exceptionally good signals bombed souther Finland on Friday evening, carrying over a pirateship-load of great music!!!

3905kHz: Radio Spaceshuttle International, 1820UTC, AM, 55445, ID + email 1820UTC, Nina Hagen rules 1825UTC, London calling 1829UTC, CD 1835UTC, 11.4.2014

6205kHz: Unid, 1840UTC, AM, 45545, Greetings received! :-) Closing down after Pink Floyd's the Wall 1845. 11.4.2014

15485kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1850UTC, AM, 55555, ID + email 1850UTC, closing down 1900, 11.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1903UTC, AM, 44435, the Lion Sleeps Tonight, 11.4.2014

6210kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1908UTC, AM, 55545, Mina poika juon for Jari, Neil Young Keeps on Rocking in the Free World, ID 1915UTC, 11.4.2014

1645kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1920UTC, AM, 44554, Lady in Black, ID 1927UTC, then rockabilly, 11.4.2014

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1944UTC, AM, 44535, "Your no good for me" techno mix, some SSB QRM, 11.4.2014

6210kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 2007UTC, AM, 55535, Baccara can Boogie, greetings to Gino 2008UTC, continuing with "Big in Japan", 11.4.2014

Thank you everyone for putting the great shows on the airwaves!

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