Monday, 31 March 2014

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

QSL from Radio Silverback

Thank you for the mighty QSL Silverback and I look forward to hearing you on the air soon again!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Saturday free radio festivities logged on-air

11401kHz: Unid, 1514UTC, AM, 23522, Country music, dropped out 1517UTC, no ID
6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1638UTC, AM, 45544, Save the Last Dance for Me, audio off 1652UTC
6803kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1648UTC, AM, 35544, 1657UTC playing ABBA, "back to the 80's" :-)
6925kHz: Over60degradio, 1729UTC, AM, 44545, Playing Thin Lizzy
6290kHz: Calypso Radio, 1829UTC, AM, 35534, 50 watts, playing CCR style music
6380kHz: Radio Universe, 1837UTC, AM, 34333, One Way Ticket, There's Always the Sun
4029kHz: Laser Hot Hits, 1938UTC, AM, 33433, Playing "I've Been Looking for You"
3905kHz: Radio Quintus, 2039UTC, AM, 34534, email … ID 2050UTC
6915kHz: Over60degradio, 2047UTC, LSB, 35544, Relaying Artem's World Music

Thanks everyone for the great shows!!! :-)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Friday evening radio party log

Lot's of great music on the airwaves yesterday:

3905kHz: Radio Alice, 1939UTC, AM, 44545, ID 1944UTC "Radio Alice breaking the noise!"
6215kHz: Unid, 1949kHz, AM, 35541, Strong carrier visible, but low modulation
6286kHz: Radio Underground, 1953UTC, AM, 35433, ID 1955UTC, strong fading
4029kHz: Unid, 2009UTC, AM, 32433, LHH(?) playing Rainy Night in Georgia
6747kHz: Over 60 Degree Radio, 2023UTC, USB, 35534, relaying WCLT program
6245kHz: Horizon FM, 2041UTC, AM, 33533, ID 2045UTC, strong fading
6915kHz: Unid, 2050UTC, AM, 24423, ID 2059UTC but too weak read
1323kHz: Whitestar, 2100UTC, AM, 45544, Final Countdown, Money Talks, Jamie's Got a Gun, etc.
3927kHz: Siivuradio, 2140UTC, AM, 45535, Playing Finnish Music(!), DJMHz IDs 2142UTC
6267kHz: Mustang Radio, 2149UTC, AM, 55535, Huge signal once again!
6295kHz: Cupid Radio, 2211UTC, AM, 54444, ID 2214UTC closing down for the evening

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Night Fever

6255kHz Horizon FM, 0625UTC, AM, 24422, 0650UTC played "On a road to nowhere" 15.3.2014

6295kHz Unid, 0654UTC, AM, 35522, 15.3.2014

6803kHz Pink Panther Radio, 1620UTC, AM, 33533, ID 1629UTC & email, 15.3.2014

6950kHz Radio Blackbeard, 1631UTC, AM, 33433, ID 1632UTC, continued with techno mix, 15.3.2014

6745kHz Mustang Radio, 1651UTC, AM, 55535, really loud signal, 15.3.2014

13915kHz BSRadio-Finland, 1712UTC, LSB, 35543, playing Michael Jackson, 15.3.2014

6925kHz Over 60 Degree Radio, 1758UTC, AM, 45554, Artem World Music Show, 15.3.2014

6925kHz Over 60 Degree Radio, 1818UTC, LSB, 45554, testing 90W, 15.3.2014

6325kHz Mustang Radio, 1911UTC, AM, 43544, Mr Tamburineman, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, ID
1923UTC, 15.3.2014

3905kHz Radio Alice, 1941UTC, AM, 45534, ID 1947UTC, ID 2006UTC but this time with bananas ;-) 15.3.2014

6220kHz Sluwe Vos Radio, 2015UTC, AM, 45524, ID and greetings to Kiev, 15.3.2014

Many thanks to everyone for the great music shows! :-)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday evening logs

6290kHz  Radio Silverback  1745UTC 35534 14.3.2014
6241kHz  Radio Tina            1806UTC 35533 14.3.2014
6305kHz  Radio Tina            1850UTC 35534 14.3.2014
7290kHz  Radio City            1858UTC 53454 14.3.2014
3110kHz  Sluwe Vos Radio  1940UTC 34533 14.3.2014
4029kHz  Laser Hot Hits      1948UTC 33533 14.3.2014
3905kHz  Skyline Radio       2011UTC 44534 14.3.2014

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

Short Aero log

6754kHz Volmet Military aviation weather report 0441UTC USB Weather at 0300Z: Toronto light snow, Ottawa clear 9.3.2014

6622kHz Gander Radio 0446UTC USB Worked Castrol(?)325, Delta 408, United 269, testing selcalls 9.3.2014

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday morning logs

6304, Radio Marabu (?),     0520UTC, 25532, German music,                                               9.3.2014
3985, Radio 700,                0500UTC, 45555, ID at 0500 then ABBA "Winner Takes it All", 9.3.2014
6060, Radio Havana Cuba, 0545UTC, 43554, News at the hour, Arnie Coro at 0630,           9.3.2014
6200, Technical Man,          0705UTC, 35534, 0747 "Running on Empty", ID at 0756,           9.3.2014
6265, Radio Nora (?),         0808UTC, 25523, Faded away 0820UTC, too bad...                 9.3.2014

Late logs from Saturday night

6950  Unid                        1638 AM    25543 ID at 1638: "This is the superstation"    8.3.2014
6910  Unid                        1730 AM    52554 Dropped out 1741UTC                       8.3.2014
6950  Radio Blackbeard    1811 AM    45555                                                            8.3.2014
6747  Radio Pioneer (?)     1903 AM    45555 List of songs sent...                              8.3.2014

Great shows all of them! :-)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Great saturday music on shortwaves

6095.0  Mighty KBC 1438UTC-> 54555 Rock n' Roll Saturday 
6395.0  Unid 1530UTC 42543 DJ speaks in dutch, Blondie's Atomic in the background, signing off 1533UTC
6802.5  Pink Panther Radio 1559UTC-> 33553 Great 80's music!!! :-)
6925.0  Unid 1513UTC signed out 1515UTC

Friday, 7 March 2014

Radio Merkurs

1485     Radio Merkurs     1945UTC     54555     Evergreens: Frank Sinatra, ID at 1954UTC

Wednesday, 5 March 2014