Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Weeekeeend!!!

Great band conditions, great Pirate Stations, great Music... It's already cold and dark outside, but inside the temperature is rising and the glitterball is overspeeding!

15510.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1635UTC, AM, 45535, QSY from 15515kHz to here at 1636UTC. Less QRM here than on 15515kHz (stronger stn at 15520kHz). Miami Sound Machine, ID “Magic” at 1639UTC, We Close Our Eyes, Great start for the weeekeeeend! :-) Better propagation to Finland at this frequency than 6205kHz (33534) at the moment, maybe goes vice versa later in the evening? 24.10.2014

3960.0kHz, Radio Gramox, 1709UTC, AM, 43544, Old evergreens on the playlist as usual: “Johnny Remember Me” in Finnish! ID and facebook intro at 1712UTC. 24.10.2014

6380.0kHz: Radio Universe, 1715UTC, AM, 45544, Queen with Radio Gaga, ID and email at 1719UTC and the show continues with Level 42, Lessons in Love. Great weekend party music! :-) 24.10.2014

6305.0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1722UTC, AM, 33533, Playing Elvis: In the Ghetto, continues with other nice mellow songs, Going Back to Arizona(?), Village People with YMCA! ID and email at 1747UTC. Many greetings to listeners. Very nice mood in this fine radio show! :-) 24.10.2014

6282.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1735UTC, AM, 55545, ID and greetings at 1735UTC. Nice dutch songs! A song dedicated Veriori in Sweden, That's Amore. Perfect signal: strong with very clear audio! :-) But email report bounced, mailbox not available... :-/ 24.10.2014

6300.0kHz: Johnny Tobacco, 1817UTC, AM, 55545, Playing polkas!!! :-) Very nice! ID at 1818UTC  Sounds a bit like maybe the DeeJay has a cold??? Playing Jope Ruonansuu: “Skoda”, unbeliveable! =:-D Great show!!! 24.10.2014

6325.0kHz: Radio Sextant, 1840UTC, AM, 45545, I fought the Law and Law Won, In the Year 2525, White Rabbit. Fantastic music!!! 8-) 24.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1857UTC, AM, 45535, Nice dance beat on Magic again! ID and news at 1900UTC. 24.10.2014

Thank you free radio Pirates!!! (and Magic and Gramox ;-)

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