Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday night moonwalking

Saturday evening with almost full moon and warm radio room... Perfect time to surf the shortwaves!!!

15500kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1656UTC, AM, 45555, Modern Talking(?), Pet Shop Boys, ABBA "SOS" for Marco, ID 1713UTC, 12.4.2014

6297kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1716UTC, AM, 43544, ID and greetings received 1720UTC. Good signal, good music!, 12.4.2014

6808kHz: Sundown Radio, 1731UTC, AM, 34544, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, ID and email 1735UTC, followed by very cool retro lounge music, then some music from the golden fifties. Steady and undisturbed transmission, a pleasure to listen, 12.4.2014

6297kHz: Radio Countdown, 1822UTC, AM, 45535, ID and email 1822UTC, greetings received 1823UTC, continued to Electric Avenue. Bumpy conditions but strong signal with good modulation all the time!, 12.4.2014

6978kHz: Rock Radio Network, 1846UTC, AM, 34423, Noisy conditions in part of band but good enough for catching the music! ID on 1847UTC, I need email address to this station please, 12.4.2014

6325kHz: Unid, 1900UTC, AM, 44433, Fast fading, but otherwise nice signal. Could not get an ID, 12.4.2014

6385kHz: Radio Universe, 1905UTC, AM, 45545, ID 1905, more 80's Disco Music coming, we are Forever Young, great show! :-) 12.4.2014

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