Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday Fun on Free Radio Wavelengths

Some super pirate signals to beat all static crashes once again! Amazing antennas, amazing afterburners!

6290,0kHz: Unid, 1700UTC, AM, 32222, ID 1703UTC, but too much static in the air to copy correctly. Also utility-stn on 6295kHz. Will likely improve later, 2.5.2014

6295kHz: Odynn Radio, 1828UTC, AM, 45224, Another One Bites the Dust, These Boots are Made for Walking, I Come From the Land Down Under, ID 1835UTC and 1838UTC, continuing with John Fogerty, the Hey Joe. Best signal on the band this evening so far! :-) 2.5.2014

6425kHz: Studio 52, 1849UTC, AM, 35333, ID 1851, followed by "drinking piano music", Springsteen Dancing in the Dark, 2.5.2014

6245kHz: Mustang Radio, 1803UTC, AM, 55555(!), Playing Sandstorm… No other pirate so far has made my needle reach +20dB over S9! :-0 I'm speechless…. Thumbs up for Mustang Radio! :-) 2.5.2014

6210kHz: Relmus Radio International, 2020UTC, AM, 45435, ID on 2021UTC with Rockabilly Rebel, followed by party beats. Dropped out 2029UTC, 2.5.2014

The future of shortwave radio is here! :-)

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  1. Hello! Yep, if official broadcasters will continue to stop the transmittings then the future of radio is in the hands of free or pirate operators! Radio Mustang is good example.
    Best and 73's,