Friday, 1 August 2014

Starting August with a short Friday log!

Took some time out from usual summer hobbies and turned on the radio instead... Amazingly good conditions with very little noise this evening and the Pirates are twisting the S-meter! :-)

6295kHz: Unid, 1914UTC, AM, 55445, Strong signal, dutch music. I did not stay around long enough for an ID… 1.8.2014

6200kHz: Radio Technical Man, 1940UTC, AM, 54445, ID 1952UTC, playing goood music! :-) 1.8.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1955UTC, AM, 55445, First twisting hits from the 50's, then more recent beats. Fantastic party stuff as usual from Mustang! :-D ID and greetings 2015UTC. 1.8.2014

What a good start for August! I wish I was not so sleepy and would manage to stay awake longer... ;-)

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