Sunday, 6 April 2014

Saturday's Theme: Unidentified

Less than perfect conditions on the lower bands to southern Finland continued on Saturday. Not so many stations heard on the air as on previous weekends. But still, lots of great music was trawled into the loop antenna!

6215kHz: Unid, 1704UTC, AM, 23422, Techno music, 5.4.2014

6325kHz: Bogus Olli(?): 1759UTC, AM, 35534, Indie style music, ID 1829UTC, Black Sabbath on 1836UTC, 5.4.2014

13944kHz: Unid, 1846UTC, AM, 45534, Techno music here too, 5.4.2014

6285kHz: Unid, 1900UTC, AM, 55545, Techno music again: No Limit, but also no ID. Great signal! 5.4.2014

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