Thursday, 1 May 2014

Noise-Noise-Noise (sing it like Sabrina... ;-)

Summer-like static on the air, but that means there will soon be plenty bikinis on the beach... Meanwhile we still look and listen for pirates:

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1747UTC, AM, 44323, Soft holiday music: Me and Bobby McGee, Playa Blanca. Fades very deep every now and then. ID 1759UTC. 1.5.2014

6321kHz: Onda Caliente, 1802UTC, AM, 34322, ID 1807UTC, more static noise than yesterday and utility stn on 6325kHz not improving the reception :-( 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Radio Altrex, 1822UTC, AM, 24322, Save your Kisses for Me, signing out with massive echoing ID 1825UTC and greetings to Mick! Last song by Roxy Music! 1.5.2014

6305kHz: Unid, 1829UTC, AM, 34323, Odd transmission in and out after Altrex signing off(?): some techno music and several "hello"s…, U2 in 1836UTC and out 1838UTC. 1.5.2014

6710kHz: Unid, 1845UTC, LSB, 45334, Meet you at Midnight, Take a Look at Me Now; dropped out 1857UTC. 1.5.2014

3675kHz: Unid, 1924UTC, LSB, 54544, Music on ham frequency! :-0 House of the Rising Sun, piece of Love Love Love, over to Pink Floyd, jumps to Show Must go On, QSOs going on underneath the signal… 1.5.2014

6300kHz: Unid, 1934UTC, AM, 45434, Can't Take My Eyes Off You, few "schlagers", no ID coming my way… 1.5.2014

3030kHz: Sluwe Vos Radio, 1944UTC, AM, 54435, Thriller, ID 1945UTC, greetings to listeners, email 1946UTC, "Radio Titanic Hollandii"… 1.5.2014

The best material for celebrating the first of May! :-)

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