Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shortwave Saturday music party

Good conditions again and plenty of great Pirate shows to make my party night! :-)

6220.0kHz: Unid, 1822UTC, AM, 53545, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, All Right Now, Burning Hearts, Black is Black. Great Music!!! :-) Utility station on same frequency but it gets only the second prize in contest of strongest signal No ID heard :-(    27.09.2014

6295.0kHz: Bogusman, 1842UTC, AM, 44434, Playing pop music. 27.09.2014

6205.0kHz: Tip & Elvis, 1847UTC, AM, 55535, Massive signal, nearly blows my speaker off it's hinges! Plays good rock music; partytime!!! :-) Crazy about a Mercury! Born to be Wild. Even Rammstein and Uriah Heep!!! :-D ID at 1911UTC. 27.09.2014

6395.0kHz: Unid, 1857UTC, AM, 33432, Plays classic heavy rock, jingle “non-stop music”. CW QRM coming from 6391kHz. 27.09.2014

Free radio rules!!! B-)

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