Thursday, 30 October 2014

Weekday log

It's nice to have radio gear available for listening also during weekdays! Here are some Pirates (and Radio Gramox) I heard navigating the airwaves earlier this week:

6305,0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1808UTC, AM, 45534, Playing nice dutch music. ID and closing down at 1815UTC, Monday 27.10.2014

3960,0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1820UTC, AM, 53353, Playing evergreens. Heavy QRM from BC station on 3965kHz.    Monday 27.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1807UTC, AM, 54545, Big signal!! Playing nice dutch songs. Closed down at 1823UTC, with no ID. Tuesday    28.10.2014

6295,0kHz: Unid, 1803UTC, AM, 44544, Playing dutch oldies. Slightly disturbing carrier on 6296kHz. The Bee Gees: Massachusetts. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1809UTC, AM, 44544, German popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6747,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 54545, ID at 1826UTC, but missed it. Plays popular music. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6300,0kHz: Unid, 1952UTC, AM, 33433, Good music nonstop!!! :-) Here Comes the Sun, the Sound of Silence, Suspicious Minds, Feel the Need In Me, Listen To the Music. No ID. Wednesday 29.10.2014

6290,0kHz: Odynn Radio, 1845UTC, AM, 35433, Pop music, ID and phone number at 1849UTC. Thursday    30.10.2014

6302,0kHz: Unid, 1852UTC, AM, 45434, Playing dutch songs. Thursday 30.10.2014

Now looking forward to the weekend! :-)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

QSL from Radio Montferland

A really great looking QSL card from Radio Montferland! 8-)

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing your show soon again!!!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sunday log

Got my remote system up and running, so now I can enjoy listening to free radio stations also when I am not at my radio! :-) Plenty of cool Pirate stations on the air this Sunday:

6286,0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1810UTC, AM, 55545, Black is Black, We Love the Pirate Stations, ID at 1814UTC, Wooly Bully. 26.10.2014

6205,0kHz: Magic 6205, 1818UTC, AM, 55545, Now coming OK after the german station on the same frequency closed down. 26.10.2014

6328,0kHz: Unid, 1820UTC, AM, 53545, Whiter Shade of Pale. UTE periodically on 6330kHz, Aloha Oe in German, Black is Black, Bring It On Home to Me. 26.10.2014

6305,0kHz: Unid, 1824UTC, AM, 54544, Born to be Wild, Keep on Rocking Me Baby, House of the Rising Sun. 26.10.2014

6950,0kHz: Unid, 1842UTC, AM, 34433, Blinded by the Light. Sounds like Magic 6205 but not sure. 26.10.2014

6915,0kHz: Premier Radio International, 1844UTC, AM, 55434, Get Out of My Dreams Get Into My Car, ID at 1848UTC, Power of Love, Pop Muzik (great classic!!! 8-), I've Been Thinking About You. 26.10.2014

6306,0kHz: Radio Joey, 1908UTC, AM, 35533, More Than a Feeling, Land Down Under, ID at 1913UTC. 26.10.2014

1670,0kHz: Unid, 1917UTC, AM, 25533, Fernando, Barracuda. Maybe a bit low on audio? 26.10.2014

Pirate radio; the best radio shows around!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flaring Saturday

High waves this fine Saturday evening..., blockbuster signal at one moment, almost gone at the other. But great shows on the air nevertheless!

6306.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1650UTC, AM, 54545, ID at 1655 UTC, many nice greetings, great signal!!! 25.10.2014

6286.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1700UTC, AM, 45545, I Fought the Law and Law Won, Spirit in the Sky ID and greetings at 1704UTC, Rock Island Line, Rider's on the Storm... This is THE show this eveningl!!! 8-) 25.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1705UTC, AM, 45534, Playing smooth music this time; must come back later... 25.10.2014

3927.0kHz: Unid, 1740UTC, AM, 45534, Closed down at 1742UTC, no ID :-/ 25.10.2014

3905.0kHz: Unid, 1802UTC, AM, 25522, You Give Love a Bad Name. And maybe solar flare attenuates the signal? 25.10.2014

3912.0kHz: Unid, 1823UTC, AM, 44433, Nice old dutch music! :-) But funny fluttery signal! :-0 The sun must be playing tricks on the bands... No ID during this time. 25.10.2014

6286.0kHz: Radio Experience, 1833UTC, AM, 35423, Look Who's Talking Now, ID at 1834UTC, deep fading in an otherwise fine signal, Ride in the Night, ID at 1841UTC. The best dance station this evening!!! 8-) 25.10.2014

Never mind the flares, free radio rules!!! 8-)

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's Weeekeeend!!!

Great band conditions, great Pirate Stations, great Music... It's already cold and dark outside, but inside the temperature is rising and the glitterball is overspeeding!

15510.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1635UTC, AM, 45535, QSY from 15515kHz to here at 1636UTC. Less QRM here than on 15515kHz (stronger stn at 15520kHz). Miami Sound Machine, ID “Magic” at 1639UTC, We Close Our Eyes, Great start for the weeekeeeend! :-) Better propagation to Finland at this frequency than 6205kHz (33534) at the moment, maybe goes vice versa later in the evening? 24.10.2014

3960.0kHz, Radio Gramox, 1709UTC, AM, 43544, Old evergreens on the playlist as usual: “Johnny Remember Me” in Finnish! ID and facebook intro at 1712UTC. 24.10.2014

6380.0kHz: Radio Universe, 1715UTC, AM, 45544, Queen with Radio Gaga, ID and email at 1719UTC and the show continues with Level 42, Lessons in Love. Great weekend party music! :-) 24.10.2014

6305.0kHz: Radio Montferland, 1722UTC, AM, 33533, Playing Elvis: In the Ghetto, continues with other nice mellow songs, Going Back to Arizona(?), Village People with YMCA! ID and email at 1747UTC. Many greetings to listeners. Very nice mood in this fine radio show! :-) 24.10.2014

6282.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1735UTC, AM, 55545, ID and greetings at 1735UTC. Nice dutch songs! A song dedicated Veriori in Sweden, That's Amore. Perfect signal: strong with very clear audio! :-) But email report bounced, mailbox not available... :-/ 24.10.2014

6300.0kHz: Johnny Tobacco, 1817UTC, AM, 55545, Playing polkas!!! :-) Very nice! ID at 1818UTC  Sounds a bit like maybe the DeeJay has a cold??? Playing Jope Ruonansuu: “Skoda”, unbeliveable! =:-D Great show!!! 24.10.2014

6325.0kHz: Radio Sextant, 1840UTC, AM, 45545, I fought the Law and Law Won, In the Year 2525, White Rabbit. Fantastic music!!! 8-) 24.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1857UTC, AM, 45535, Nice dance beat on Magic again! ID and news at 1900UTC. 24.10.2014

Thank you free radio Pirates!!! (and Magic and Gramox ;-)

Friday, 10 October 2014

High fly Friday

Great autumn conditions on the shortwaves with the band almost full of Free Radio!

6803.0kHz: Pink Panther Radio, 1730UTC, AM, 44545, ID followed by Pointer Sisters' Neutron Dance. ID and nice intro at 1735UTC. What a great way to start the Weekend!!! :-) I Never Can Say Goodbye, Never Gonna Give You Up. ID at 1800UTC. 10.10.2014

6320.0kHz: Radio Zodiac, 1739UTC, AM, 35444, Signal dropped out at 1740UTC but fortunately returned. I Can't Stand the Rain. ID at 1743UTC. 10.10.2014

6293.0kHz: Unid, 1749UTC, AM, 44445, Playing nice old German songs. 10.10.2014

6205.0kHz: Magic 6205, 1809UTC, AM, 44445, Playing “Pure Dance”!!! :-D More Than a Woman and some more recent beats. Airport. Email announced at about 1835UTC. Audio dropped out few times at 1841UTC-1842UTC. Came back with more great Dance Beat! It's partytime!!! :-) Nice jingle and announcement “Laser Hits Radio” at 1850UTC, followed by Big Fun. 10.10.2014

6325.0kHz: Numbers Station, 1817UTC, AM, 55445, Surely a nice Lady but pretty boring story unfortunately... She should become a pirate instead!!! 10.10.2014

The weekend is here with the great music shows!!!