Saturday, 30 August 2014

Pirate party on Saturday night!

Earlier nightfall makes the difference and Pirates start sailing into my ears, woo-hoooo! :-D

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1815UTC, AM, 45544, ID at 1821UTC, nice music of various flavours. POLKA at 1915UTC! :-) Thank you Chris! 31.08.2014

3960kHz: Radio Gramox, 1843UTC, AM, 53355, Playing old german music (circa WWII) with a +20dB signal. Utility stn transmitting right above the frequency, so must listen with lower sideband only. Oh, and this is a Finnish station testing, not a Pirate. 31.08.2014

1655kHz: Relmus Radio International, 1853UTC, AM, 35543, Playing Scorpions: Still Loving You, Foreigner: I Want to Know What Love Is. Carrier coming in nicely, but a bit low on audio. 31.08.2014

1638kHz: Bluebird, 1858UTC, AM, 33543, Some polka on the air, good! :-) 31.08.2014

6401kHz: Unid, 1917UTC, AM, 25532, Boney M. with Rasputin, then Aqua with I'm a Barbie Girl. It's partytime!!! :-) Went out with a bang; CD at 1920UTC :'-( 31.08.2014

6397kHz: Unid, 1923UTC, AM, 23432, Bon Jovi: Living on a Prayer, then ID at 1925UTC but too quiet and did not catch it. ACDC playing hard: Back in Black at 1936UTC. ID again at 1938UTC, but I still can not hear it, it's sooooo quiet whispering! ;-) But Black Betty I do surely hear after that!!! 8-) 31.08.2014

6925kHz: LittleFeat Radio, 1927UTC, AM, 35433, ID and greetings received 1930UTC :-) ID again at 1932UTC followed by Frankie Goes to Hollywood: When Two Tribes go to War. Good show! :-) 31.08.2014

6305kHz: Radio Underground International, 1939UTC, AM, 45444, Sweet Saturday evening soul music going on: Say I'm Your Number One! And an ID at 1941UTC, nice!!! Thanks for the greetings! :-) Playing the Cult next; great show going on!!! 31.08.2014

I'm all ears now! :-)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday statics

Much more noisy conditions on the bands than yesterday, but Pirate programs coming through!!!

6295kHz: Bogusman, 1850UTC, AM, 45343, Playing ambient-like(?) music. 2.8.2014

6950kHz: Radio Blackbeard, 1855UTC, AM, 35333, Nice disco/techno beat, but too much static crashes for enjoyable listening. 2.8.2014

6286kHz: Unid, 1911UTC, AM, 35333, Playing "The Ideal World", but unfortunately the band conditions are less than ideal. 2.8.2014

6925kHz: Over60degradio, 1905UTC, USB, 35343, World music party going on here! :-) "Artem World Music No.21" -announcement at 1922UTC. 2.8.2014

6380kHz: Unid, 1916UTC, AM, 45334, After a silent period, some nice country music on! But then, oh no: a pan-flute tune! :-0 Scary! I'm getting out of this frequency... 2.8.2014

3911kHz: BSRadio-Finland, 1935UTC, LSB, 35333, Playing song about Mary, then "BSR" morse ID at 1936UTC. Signal lost 1937UTC :-(  2.8.2014

6320kHz: Unid, 1941UTC, AM, 53334, Nice 80's music! :-) Strong signal but with utility QRM from 6315kHz. Status Quo on at 1951UTC. No ID heard. 2.8.2014

Thank you Pirates for the high-octane entertainment!!! :-)

Friday, 1 August 2014

Starting August with a short Friday log!

Took some time out from usual summer hobbies and turned on the radio instead... Amazingly good conditions with very little noise this evening and the Pirates are twisting the S-meter! :-)

6295kHz: Unid, 1914UTC, AM, 55445, Strong signal, dutch music. I did not stay around long enough for an ID… 1.8.2014

6200kHz: Radio Technical Man, 1940UTC, AM, 54445, ID 1952UTC, playing goood music! :-) 1.8.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1955UTC, AM, 55445, First twisting hits from the 50's, then more recent beats. Fantastic party stuff as usual from Mustang! :-D ID and greetings 2015UTC. 1.8.2014

What a good start for August! I wish I was not so sleepy and would manage to stay awake longer... ;-)