Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Noisy Wednesday Airwaves won't Stop the Music

Static crashes and aurora bashes, but free radio is coming through!!!

6747kHz: Radio Pioneer, 1634UTC, AM, 45323, First station to open the band to Finland this evening. Noisy band conditions, but signal pushing through nicely! 30.4.2014

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1715UTC, AM, 45333, ID 1714UTC followed by great Mickey polka!!! :-) ID again 1717UTC Such a nice music show! 30.4.2014

6210kHz: Onda Caliente, 1722UTC, AM, 34334, ID 1724UTC and 1734UTC. Playing nice music with personal touch! Email address 1738UTC Closing down 1739UTC. 30.4.2014

6300kHz: Unid, 1740UTC, AM, 44344, Polka!!! :-) ID 1744UTC, but too much noise to copy it clearly. 30.4.2014

6290kHz: Telstar Radio, 1841UTC, AM, 44334, ID 1844UTC, playing nice dutch music! Quiet spot on 1854UTC, came back 1855UTC. 30.4.2014

6935kHz: Free Radio Victoria, 1923UTC, AM, 45334, Playing smoooth instrumental music in the beginning, especially Oldfield, ID 1930UTC email 1935UTC. Then over to the sensational sixties: Aquarius on the airwaves 1941UTC, great song! Then In the Year 2525; boy what great oldies! Fantastic music show!!! 30.4.2014

Thank you for making my evening a great party! :-)

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