Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer's in the air!

Summer conditions on shortwaves! Had to be patient and wait all the way until 1930UTC before the signals started to come through properly on the lower bands... But when the D-layer fog finally cleared, there were lots of great pirates to be heard! :-)

13910kHz: Unid, 1958UTC, LSB, 25443, Plays Paranoid, then commercials from Turku(!), continues with Finnish songs, then Rock This Town, ID 1608UTC but did not copy it, continued with Johnny be Goode. 16.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Joey, 1816UTC, AM, 24222, Apache, then some techno-beat. Deep fading, not so easy. 16.5.2014

6236kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1827UTC, AM, 24222, I Just Can't Get Enough. Deep fading here too, so challenging conditions. Icing on the cake is done by S9+20dB utility on 6237 at 1829UTC for a moment. Continues with ragga beat. ID 1835UTC. I Can't Stand the Rain. 16.5.2014

6290kHz: Rode Adelaar, 1840UTC, AM, 22222, Let's Twist Again, What a Wonderful World it Would Be, ID 1846UTC, Only the Lonely…, playing nice oldies! 16.5.2014

6322kHz: Mustang Radio, 1918UTC, AM, 45224, Something Stupid Like I Love You…, audio dropped out 1921UTC. Pity, was the strongest signal this evening so far! Audio came back 1925UTC with same song again. :-) ID 1940UTC and no surprise: it;s Mustang who has the strongest signal on the band, once again! :-) 16.5.2014

6400kHz: Radio Mazda, 1945UTC, AM, 45224, Wooly Bully, Mr Tamburine Man, ID 1949UTC, Here Come the Night… very nice classics and good signal! 16.5.2014

Thank you all for the great free radio shows!!!


  1. Hello there! UNID on 13910L was Baltic Sea Radio from Finland.
    Cheers and 73's!

  2. Hi again Ihor! :-) Thanks for the ID info of BSR. Yes, that explains the funny commercials too...

    73 & good dx!