Friday, 30 May 2014

High Frequency Friday

No summertime blues, but great free radio action instead! When the twilight falls, it's time to hear what's on the radio!

6285kHz: Radio Black Arrow, 1837UTC, AM, 35333, Started at 1837UTC by playing soft music, sent greetings to Silveri at 1844UTC, ID 1847UTC, played Black Betty (great piece of music!), White Room, Rock Me Now, etc. 30.5.2014

6240kHz: Radio Experience, 1851UTC, AM, 33333, Playing Baggy Trousers, periodical QRM from 6235kHz USB, Billie Jean: classic! 30.5.2014

3905kHz: Skyline Radio, 1859UTC, AM, 35343, Playing good mood music! :-) Honky Tonk Blues etc. from the sixties! 30.5.2014

6306kHz: Radio Verona, 1909UTC, AM, 25333, Playing something like german "schlager"-songs? Lots of those! ID at 1957UTC. 30.5.2014

6981kHz: Unid, 1950UTC, AM, 34332, Music station having quite strong carrier, but a bit low audio modulation, at least to my ears. 30.5.2014

Thank you, Mighty Pirates! :-)

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