Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday statics

Much more noisy conditions on the bands than yesterday, but Pirate programs coming through!!!

6295kHz: Bogusman, 1850UTC, AM, 45343, Playing ambient-like(?) music. 2.8.2014

6950kHz: Radio Blackbeard, 1855UTC, AM, 35333, Nice disco/techno beat, but too much static crashes for enjoyable listening. 2.8.2014

6286kHz: Unid, 1911UTC, AM, 35333, Playing "The Ideal World", but unfortunately the band conditions are less than ideal. 2.8.2014

6925kHz: Over60degradio, 1905UTC, USB, 35343, World music party going on here! :-) "Artem World Music No.21" -announcement at 1922UTC. 2.8.2014

6380kHz: Unid, 1916UTC, AM, 45334, After a silent period, some nice country music on! But then, oh no: a pan-flute tune! :-0 Scary! I'm getting out of this frequency... 2.8.2014

3911kHz: BSRadio-Finland, 1935UTC, LSB, 35333, Playing song about Mary, then "BSR" morse ID at 1936UTC. Signal lost 1937UTC :-(  2.8.2014

6320kHz: Unid, 1941UTC, AM, 53334, Nice 80's music! :-) Strong signal but with utility QRM from 6315kHz. Status Quo on at 1951UTC. No ID heard. 2.8.2014

Thank you Pirates for the high-octane entertainment!!! :-)

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