Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shortwave Saturday music party

Good conditions again and plenty of great Pirate shows to make my party night! :-)

6220.0kHz: Unid, 1822UTC, AM, 53545, Can't Get Enough of Your Love, All Right Now, Burning Hearts, Black is Black. Great Music!!! :-) Utility station on same frequency but it gets only the second prize in contest of strongest signal No ID heard :-(    27.09.2014

6295.0kHz: Bogusman, 1842UTC, AM, 44434, Playing pop music. 27.09.2014

6205.0kHz: Tip & Elvis, 1847UTC, AM, 55535, Massive signal, nearly blows my speaker off it's hinges! Plays good rock music; partytime!!! :-) Crazy about a Mercury! Born to be Wild. Even Rammstein and Uriah Heep!!! :-D ID at 1911UTC. 27.09.2014

6395.0kHz: Unid, 1857UTC, AM, 33432, Plays classic heavy rock, jingle “non-stop music”. CW QRM coming from 6391kHz. 27.09.2014

Free radio rules!!! B-)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Fine propagation Friday

Smooth sailing on the shortwaves with summer static completely gone! Excellent conditions to enjoy the best of free radio! :-)

6305.0kHz: Radio Telstar International, 1637UTC, AM, 45534, ID 1640UTC. Sending greetings to listeners and those should be plentiful with such a strong signal! :-) Continues with Cliff Richard. 26.09.2014

6380.0kHz: Unid, 1733UTC, AM, 55535, Big signal! California Dreaming and continuing with more modern hits. No ID, could have been Mustang Radio. Closed down 1745UTC. 26.09.2014

6265.0kHz: Unid, 1750UTC, AM, 44534, Plays nice mellow music non-stop. No ID heard. 26.09.2014

6380.0kHz: Mustang Radio, 1845UTC, AM, 55555! Barroom Blitz, Good to be Loved. Signal like the transmitter would be next door! :-) Clapton's Layla. ID 1900UTC with lots of greetings. Good music and good show! Closed down 2012UTC. 26.09.2014

Thank you for the great music shows, Pirates!!!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Saturday Night Fever Logged

Airwaves bursting with PartyPirates! :-D Pure and genuine free radio fun!

6295.0kHz: Free Radio Victoria, 1750UTC, AM, 35344, Mike Oldfield, Guns n' Roses etc. quality stuff, as usual! Very nice to hear FRV on the airwaves again! 13.09.2014

4013.0kHz, Over60degradio, 1755UTC, AM, 42344, It's the Blues Radio!!! :-) 13.09.2014

6306.0kHz: Radio Tower, 1801UTC, AM, 55445, Country Music, wow!!! :-) Who Shot JR Ewing?! Street Electric Band. Beds are Burning at 1827UTC and Black Betty on at 1839UTC, I unable to move the radio dial!!! :-) Laa-laa-bamba! Great signal and great music! 13.09.2014

3960.0kHz: Radio Gramox, 1810UTC, AM, 55445, Old German music, great style like on 78rpm records! Real OLDSKOOL Saturday night fever! ;-) 13.09.2014

3905.0kHz: Radio Alice, 1855UTC, AM, 35343, Playing slow and mellow, nice music this Saturday.    13.09.2014

6400.0kHz: Over60degradio, 1910UTC, LSB, 45445, Great blues music again! Mannish Boy and others follow... Microphone test at 1917UTC 13.09.2014

6325.0kHz: Crazy Wave Radio, 1920UTC, AM, 43344, All Right Now! I Want it All! Party on like a steamroller! :-D Bad Moon Rising! Great DJ work! 13.09.2014

11401.0kHz: Radio Waves International, 1939UTC, AM, 45554, ID at 1940UTC. Playing mellow and nice french vocalists. New ID at 1943UTC, the Terrible Twins. 13.09.2014

11127.0kHz: Eldorado, 1945UTC, USB, 25433, Eldorado testing with the Kinks.    13.09.2014

Music sounds BEST on shortwaves!!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday night short log

Not so many Pirates sailing on the airwaves this Friday night, or was the CME/ Aurora playing tricks on my ears? A short log here nevertheless:

6286.0kHz: Unid, 1857UTC, AM, 45434, Donna Summer Feels Love. Good signal! Later the Supremes do not want to be kept hanging on. 10.09.2014

6397.0kHz: Unid, 1923UTC, AM, 34333, Talking Heads watching the days go by. A bit low on audio? Peter Gabriel uses his sledgehammer! 10.09.2014

Maybe more crowd tomorrow? :-)